CRB The Key to your Dreams Key Chain

PRE-ORDERS will ship out August 12th.

Corey R. Billie was an encourager. He was always looking for a new adventure and he lived everyday to the fullest! That was a trait that everyone loved about him especially me. These keys remind me of him and how he always encouraged me to live out my dreams!

LIFE Key: Key Length 1 1/2". Aged Metal

DREAM Key: Key Length 2".  Aged Metal

JOURNEY Key: Key Length 2". Aged Metal

LOVE Key: Key Length 2". Vintage Copper

SECRET Key: Key Length 2"  Vintage Copper

MEMORY Key: Key Length 3"  Vintage Gold

100% of the profits will go to our donation in August of this year. Our goal is to provided 20 school age children with a weeks worth of school clothes as well as two pairs of shoes to start the new school year of 2016-2017 in style. This is something I know my brother would have backed 100% and I'm excited to tribute this donation in his name.

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Thank you for contribution and your support!